About myself

I was born in Frammersbach in 1960 and since 1980 I’ve been living in Lohr/Main (both in Lower Franconia, Bavaria, Germany). Pretty soon in my life I was fascinated by photography. As a teenager I started to collect pictures of nature and I admired the nature and landscape photographers in illustrated books. Now, my photographic interests lie in still lifes, travel and nature, especially macro photography. Since insects have always fascinated me, I began to concentrate on them. I read many text books about insects and their habitats, in order to find and photograph them in nature. In the beginning, I took pictures of all dragon fly species around me at their different stages of life. Later I did the same with butterflies and beetles. Some insect species, among them mantids, phasmids, scarabs and other beetles, I keep in insectaria to document their life cycle. On my travels to Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand I had the chance to take pictures of various tropical insects in wild life. For 20 years I have been participating in many international nature photography competitions. Up to date, my pictures earned more than 3000 accepts and numerous awards. I am a member of the DVF (German Photography Society) and PSA (Photographic Society of America). Beside photography, I also take much pleasure in keeping and breeding poison dart frogs.